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frilæsning.dk _

A world of good reading.

Frilæsning.dk is loaded with ideas and inspiration to help you motivate your students.

Quickly find both fiction and non-fiction books and stories on a wide variety of topics to interest students at all reading levels.

Frilæsning.dk provides you and your students with quick and easy access to a large library of searchable reading material.  Plus, new material is added weekly.

Students learn by doing, and writing is one of the best ways for a student to improve their reading and understanding of a language.

At frilæsning.dk, writing activities are available online for quick access so students can jump right in and begin. There are instructions and text input boxes organized to make it easy--no excuses!

Writing activities include:

  • Writing their own book reviews
  • Describing a character
  • Placing the plot in a different time in history
  • Creating a timeline
  • Finding and listing topic-related words in a text
  • Much more

Students can keep an online log of their reading together with descriptions and notes on the text.

To improve your students' understanding of the writing process, frilaesning.dk provides a course of 8 modules which freature tips and advice from authors of the books on our site.

The focus is on improving reading by introducing students to the process authors use in putting their stories together. The course includes oral as well as written exercises.

Students will learn the techniques professional writers use.  The goal is to provide the tools and inspiration young authors need to sprout and grow.

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"My pages" gives students a place to save their notes and completed exercises, see a list of the books
they have read, and see their results from their quizzes and reading races.

Teachers can see an overview of the students' reading habits, view their test results, assign homework,
and see completed assignments.

Subscriptions and trial subscriptions _

With a subscription to frilaesning.dk, students and teachers have unlimited access through their UniLogin, either from school or from their homes.

Trial subscriptions of 14 days are available for evaluation before purchase.



Workshops on using frilaesning.dk _

We offer workshops, either in person or via Skype video call, to help our subscribers get the maximum benefit from their subscriptions. We can create a solution to meet your needs.

Subsidy requirements _

The agreement between the Danish government and the National Association of County Governments of 2012-2015 specifies support for the increased use of information technologies and digital learning resources.

Condidact's websites provide digital learning resources which meet the subsidy requirements, enabling county governments to receive a 50% subsidy on the subscription price from the Danish government.

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Facts _

  • Kindergarten to 6th grade
  • more than 450 books
  • built-in reading assistance
  • two reading levels
  • fiction and non-fiction
  • exercises for each text
  • reading speed tests
  • on-site interactivity
  • student pages and storage
  • teacher oversight